Road Freight International

FTL – Full Trailer Loads
LTL – Part / Groupage loads
Special Transports – Dangerous Goods ( ADR)

Destinations Import-Export from / to Bulgaria :

alphabetically by country

Austria (AT)
Belgium (BE)
Belarus (BY)
Croatia (HR)
Czech Rep. (CZ)
Denmark (DK)
Germany (DE)
Greece (GR)
Denmark (DK)
Estonia (EE)
Finland (FI)
France (FR)
Hungary (HU)
Italy (IT)
Ireland (IE)
Latvia (LV)
Lithuania (LT)
Netherlands, The (NL)
Norway (NO)
Poland (PL)
Portugal (PT)
Romania (RO)
Russian Federation (RU)
Serbia (SP)
Slovakia (SK)
Slovenia (SI)
Spain (ES)
Sweden (SE)
Switzerland (CH)
Ukraine (UA)
United Kingdom (GB)